Beer Jobs: 7 careers that'll keep you hopping

picture of Beer Jobs: 7 careers that'll keep you hopping

Most people claim to love beer, or at least until the next-morning hangover kicks in. But for some, the buzz they get from drinking has nothing to do with the fermented hops, and everything to do with the thrill of a quality beer. If you’re one of those people, then consider one of these seven beer jobs, which can have you doing everything from tasting to making this frothy nectar of the gods.

1. Beer Sommelier — Someone’s got to know everything about beer, and it might as well be you. Like a Wine Sommelier, you give suggestions and tips for drinkers who are looking for the perfect beer pairing with their lunch, dinner, and—for the really crazy—breakfast.

2. Craft Brewer — You create beer, but none of that frost-brewed, watered-down stuff. We’re talking hoppy IPAs, full-bodied ales, and seasonal lagers.

3. Professional Beer Taster — Drinking all day isn’t just for college kids anymore. In this position, you taste and identify the different components of beer. You gauge which ones should be reproduced and which ones, well, shouldn’t.

4. Taproom Attendant — You’re the person to talk to when someone wants a drink. You hand out samples in tasting rooms, clean glasses, and change taps over when kegs run out.

5. Brewer — Like a Chef for food or an Architect for houses, you create. In this case, though, your creation is beer, whether it’s for a small, local brewery or a nationally known King of Beers.

6. Brewery Pumper — In a brewery, you’re the one who keeps things moving. You transfer liquid (yeast, water, beer) from tank to tank during the brewing process.

7. Cellar Supervisor — While beer gets its brew on, you oversee the process. You manage workers like Brewery Pumpers, record the amount brewed each day, and check orders.

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