Ballet Jobs: 5 Careers for those with pointy toes

As someone who has gone through years and years of training and rehearsals, sore muscles, and bloody feet, you know exactly what makes a good Dancer. The sacrifice and passion you’ve shown for your art, as well as your talent as a Dancer, give you several career options.

1. Ballet Dancer — As a professional Ballet Dancer, you work long hours perfecting your performance through strenuous mental and physical discipline, which you then take to the stage in a dramatic showing of your skills and love for the dance. Your career as a professional Dancer is much like that of any Athlete ’s: short and very competitive. But your performances and connections in the dance world can lead to other jobs once you retire.

2. Ballet Teacher — As a Ballet Instructor, you take your years of experience practicing and performing, and teach your young protégés the essentials of ballet. From their facial expressions to their perfect toe pointes, you prepare your students for life as professional Dancers.

3. Choreographer — If you’re uninterested in teaching but still want to work within the dance world, consider becoming a Ballet Choreographer. You’ll have to be strict and demanding to get the very best out of your Dancers, but New York City audiences haven’t seen anything like your vision of The Nutcracker and Swan Lake.

4. Ballet Director — As the Director of a ballet company, you find the best mix of Choreographers, Dancers, Costume Designers, and Musicians to create a cohesive production of sometimes epic proportions. Your knowledge of dance means that you know personally what goes into a performance, and you know best how to combine your artistic talents with administrative duties.

5. Arts Manager — There are a few avenues you can take as an Arts Manager. You can be an Agent for Ballet Dancers, a Public Relations Representative for a ballet theater, or a Grants Manager who secures donations for the ballet. You can also function in an administrative capacity within the theater. The options are endless.

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