Baking Certificate

A love of baking is essential to getting a job in the industry, but you also need an understanding of kitchen safety, basic math, food chemical reactions, and kitchen management.

Earning a certificate in baking is a great way to brush up on your skills, learn new techniques, prepare for entry into a degree program, or train for entry-level work in the baking industry.


The majority of your time is spent in a commercial kitchen, where you’ll gain real-world culinary skills. You’ll learn about cake making and decorating, and the proper temperature for candy making. Your time in the kitchen will enhance your safety and sanitation skills, too. Learn how to deal with burns, properly store ingredients, and clean equipment.

As a baking certificate student, you’ll also be introduced to the management side of the kitchen. You’ll learn about purchasing supplies and food, estimating costs, and handling several tasks all at once. By the time you complete this short-term training, you’ll have groundwork in baking fundamentals, nutrition, and culinary skills.

Next Step

Programs vary, and some require you to apply for certification and pay a fee. With your certificate framed and ready for display, it’s time to figure out which career door you want to open.

You could transfer your credits into a culinary arts program and earn a degree. That will prepare you for jobs in restaurants, catering, and hospitality. If you want to run your own business from home, start perfecting your cupcakes, cakes, and cinnamon rolls.

Or, work for someone else. Your certificate shows your commitment to the art of baking, which is a great trait to accentuate on your resume. It could be the competitive edge you need to beat out the competition for a bakery position.

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