Audio Technology Degrees

No major theatrical production is complete without the sound technology that blasts it out to the audience. With a degree in audio technology, you could run the audio equipment for cruise ships, concerts, recorded music, or television shows.

Begin your career as an Audio Technology Technician by earning an audio technology associate’s degree. Expect your classes to teach you industry knowledge and recording know-how. You’ll learn about the different types of recording equipment, and gain experience in the studio.

An associate’s degree takes about two years to complete. For a more flexible schedule, check into online audio technology degrees, and complete your degree from home, via distance courses, or with occasional attendance.

To further your career in the audio technology industry, consider continuing your education for a few years more. You can get a four-year bachelor’s degree in audio engineering, broadcasting, audio production, audio recording, or music recording.

As with most industries, the more you invest in your education, the more opportunities will be available to you. An audio technology master’s degree requires an additional two years of postproduction, sound editing, digital video, and dubbing and mixing classes.

Look for a program that fits your financial and scheduling circumstances. Each school offers a different amount of time in the studio, which directly correlates to the amount of experience you obtain. As you know, experience equates to opportunities, so picking the right program is an important first step. With the right combination of experience and education, you’ll soon be mixing compact discs, running the sound equipment for a primetime television program, or dubbing over foreign films.

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