Anthropology Degree: What to expect?

Humans are interesting creatures, there’s no doubt about it. We think, move, evolve, change, grow, and act in ways completely different than other animals. As an Anthropologist, you could help answer some of the many baffling questions about where we came from and what we can expect in the future. Here’s a bit of what you can expect from a degree in Anthropology.


There are many routes into a career in anthropology, but they all start with an education. Check out the schools in your area, visit the campuses, talk with an Academic Counselor, and get a feel for the campus and the programs. If a traditional school schedule doesn’t fit in your work and family life, look into online anthropology degrees/courses.

Once you’ve found a program, your classes will cover a variety of topics. You’ll study the science of people through biology and other physical sciences. You’ll also be introduced to the history of people through discussions of evolution, ancient cultures, and sociology.

Next Step

Once you’ve earned your bachelor’s degree, you can find work in museums, perform fieldwork as a Researcher, take on artifact forensics jobs, or spend time analyzing data in a laboratory. If you continue on to your master’s in anthropology, you could apply for more advanced research positions, become a Teacher at a public school, or go into the counseling field.

For the most job opportunities, consider advancing your education and earn a Ph.D. in anthropology. This degree will open doors in research and allow you to teach at the college level.


Some jobs require you to pass written and/or practical exams to earn certification. If you hope to teach at any level, you definitely need certification. Most counseling positions also require you to prove your knowledge and skills.

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