Aerial Jobs: For Those Who Like Heights

For most people, high on the list of desirable superpowers is the ability to fly. So why not make a career out of that dream with an aerial job?

If you’re a real daredevil/thrill-seeker type, you might consider making a career in extreme sports instruction. Skydiving Instructors, for instance, make a living jumping out of airplanes multiple times a day. How’d you like that for your office space?

Or, if you want something a little more relaxed, you could become a Hang Gliding Instructor. The bonus here is that you’ll probably be teaching your classes in beautiful locations.

How about becoming a pro BASE Jumper? You could instruct or do stunts in movies. Either way, you’ve got a solid few seconds falling off the top of a building or cliff.

Or, you could fall gracefully as an Aerial Silks Performer in a Las Vegas show or traveling circus.

But what if you like the idea of being suspended in the air, but with the addition of a little protection around you—a metal enclosure with wings perhaps? That’s fine—there are plenty of Pilot options available to you. You could become a Commercial Pilot, zigzagging your way around the world on a nearly daily basis, or you could become a Flight Instructor, teaching others the ways of the joystick.

Alternatively, you could become a Stunt Pilot. Better yet, if you’re interested in the military, you could go into the Air Force and become a Fighter Pilot or Blue Angel. Or perhaps the cargo is more important to you, in which case you could become an Aerial Applicator or Crop Duster.
Helicopter Pilots have the same choices, with the addition of being able to give scenic tours, piloting for the police, or firefighting. You could also jump out of that helicopter or plane into a wildfire zone, and fight the flames from the inside out as an Aerial Firefighter.

If that turned the heat up a little too much, how about staying in the helicopter and photographing the events below by becoming an Aerial Photographer? That’s something that could take you around the world and to exotic locations. Aerial Surveyors, meanwhile, check out the land below, while Blimp Pilots and Advertising Pilots keep all eyes below on them with the flashy ads and messages trailing behind.

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