7 Water jobs for the aquatically inclined

Not being near water makes you uncomfortable, almost like a salmon on a hot grill or a fish out of…well, you get it. The point is you love the water. If everything about it makes you happy—from the rush of the waves to the smell of chlorine in a pool—consider taking one of these water-centered jobs.

1. Water Resources Engineer — All day every day, you think about water—specifically, how to get clean water to communities and then take away the dirty. Like any Engineer, you design and create different products and systems to make our world work a little better.

2. Water Treatment Plant Operator — Kind of like washing machines for water, treatment plants remove impurities from drinking and irrigation water. You keep things running smoothly by checking chemical levels, fixing systems, and operating machines.

3. Chemist, Water Purification — Consider yourself the Bartender of a water purification plant. You mix the perfect chemical cocktail to get the water clean, soft, and feeling good.

4. White Water Rafting Guide — Floating on an inner tube down a lazy river this ain’t. You take groups of people down fast-flowing rivers, providing entertainment while keeping everyone safe.

5. Oceanographer — You study and discover all you can about the environment and inhabitants of the seas and oceans.

6. Fishing Boat Captain — Sort of like a floating CEO, Company President, and Head Manager all rolled into one, you’re in charge of it all out on the water. You oversee your crew, plan out the trip, and make snap decisions for safety.

7. Swimming Pool Installer — You bring a little bit of the lake or ocean (though cleaner and with no saltwater) to those with no access to the real thing. You can install pools in backyards, community centers, or schools.

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