7 Underwater Jobs you should know

picture of 7 Underwater Jobs you should know

Think dry land isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? You’re not alone. Employers are now heeding the call of the sea. Shed your land legs and explore exotic career choices underneath the bright blue waters.

1. Underwater Welder — Oil rigs and other underwater structures need constant maintenance to keep their contents contained. Underwater Welders repair cracked or broken parts.

2. Commercial Diver — Partake in a rousing underwater scavenger hunt as a Commercial Diver, a career where you’ll tackle projects ranging from making repairs to scouting for lost items.

3. Underwater Photographer — The breathtaking beauty in an underwater picture is one that companies will pay big money for, regardless of whether you’re snapping shots of models or seascapes.

4. Underwater Model — It takes the grace of a mermaid to float suspended in a weightless, watery environment. Underwater Models show off the flowing beauty of the human form.

5. Marine Archaeologist — Dive into the secrets of the past as you explore the ocean depths for shipwrecks and the remains of lost civilizations.

6. Underwater Tour Guide — The ocean’s a big place without many road signs. Work as an Underwater Tour Guide and you’ll show visitors the way around the wonders of the deep blue sea.

7. Underwater Waiter — Nothing says “romantic” like a dinner for two below sea level. Of course, it’d be hard to suggest today’s special through a mouthful of saltwater; that’s why the restaurants are enclosed in thick domes. Now your only worry is where to park your car.

Underwater career training will teach you your job duties and how to put your skills to work underwater. It’s best to master the tools of the trade on dry land first. Classes in engineering, archaeology, or diving are excellent starting points for various underwater careers.

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