7 Swimming Jobs: We know—you should have been a fish.

Though pools can turn hair green, bathtubs give wrinkly fingers, and oceans harbor dangerous fish with sharp teeth and big fins, you still love the water. To you, swimming seems more natural than walking, and fins more useful than legs. So, of course, any job that lets you swim all day is better than a skintight Speedo. Check out these top seven swimming jobs that are sure to come with awesome perks, like a perfect tan and sweet pool toys.

1. Dolphin Trainer — With cute faces, fun tricks, and an inability to talk, these friendly mammals make the perfect coworker. You care for them, teach them tricks, and put on shows to educate and wow.

2. Swimming Instructor — Pass on your love for the water as an Instructor. You work with kids and adults of all ages, teaching different strokes and techniques for moving safely through the water.

3. Dive Instructor — So technically, you spend a fair amount of time out of the water, but you still end up in a pool. Dive Instructors teach how to gracefully fall into the deep end of pools, lakes, and oceans.

4. Lifeguard — You’re the Police Officer of the pool, making sure swimmers stay safe by following the rules and not getting into water too deep for their abilities.

5. Underwater Photographer — Whether you hope to catch schools of fish doing their thing, or artsy shots of Models blowing bubbles, underwater is the place to go. Like any Photographer, you take pictures, develop film, and sell prints during shows (the latter being done above water).

6. Aquatic Performer — Don’t let the sparkly bathing suits and flowery swim caps fool you. Aquatic Performers are true Athletes! You twirl, twist, and flip through routines for the viewing pleasure of audiences at theme parks, festivals, and circuses everywhere.

7. Water Slide Tester — Get the ultimate jealousy-inducing job as you travel the country and the world, testing the safety and fun of water slides at resorts, hotels, and water parks.

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