7 Singing careers for the vocally inclined

If you know the difference between a “High C” and “Hi-C,” and can hit notes that would make even Mariah give respect, then check out these seven singing jobs for the vocally inclined. They include positions for those who hope to be out in front of crowds, as well as for those who want to use their skills in more behind-the-scenes roles.

1. Singer — You’ve got pipes, and we’re not talking the water or sewer kind. Sing your heart out any song you wish, from country to hard rock, and perform for adoring fans everywhere.

2. Singing Messenger — Why say it when you can sing it? Singing Messengers embarrass and entertain their clients by delivering musical messages from friends and family.

3. Vocal Coach — If you have perfect tone but don’t want to spend your days on the road or in the studio, consider this role, which will have you molding the next generation of stars.

4. Music Therapist — Help people who are suffering from depression, PTSD, anxiety, and a host of other problems with well-timed drum circles and singing exercises.

5. Choir Director — If you believe that one is good, then more must be better! Consider leading a choir group (whether it’s composed of high school students or older adults) to musical perfection. You make sure the basses don’t overwhelm the altos, and the soprano comes in on time for their solo.

6. Songwriter — It’s no surprise that some famous Musicians have no talent. When this is the case, they rely on you to create a musical mix of lyrics and beats that becomes their new number one hit.

7. Music Transcriber — Turn a jam session into a band’s hit song by translating the sounds played into notes on a page.

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