7 reading jobs for bookworms

Maybe it’s the smell of an old book or the story inside that transports you to another time or place. Whatever it is, you’re a regular bibliophile. If you think the written word is man’s greatest accomplishment, spend your days supporting, creating, and preserving books with these seven jobs for book lovers.

1. Bookbinder — Working with different materials, like leather or cloth, you turn books from their loose leaf form into finished products.

2. Librarian — Much more than just shushing those who are making too much noise in the stacks, the job of a Librarian is to help others find the perfect summertime read or the most relevant piece of research for their latest paper.

3. Book Reviewer — Even within a specific genre, a reader has so many options that it can get a bit overwhelming. You read through first copies of books, gauging and judging things like the quality of the plot, prose, and character development.

4. Library Clerk, Talking Books — Not everyone who loves books can read them. And like the ending of the “Twilight Zone” episode, “Time Enough to Last,” that’s a cruel twist of fate. Luckily, there’s you! You select, mail, and queue up talking books for blind or sight-impaired patrons.

5. Book Conservator — No matter how good Harry Potter is, the classics can never be forgotten as the original texts that made us gasp, cheer, and cry. Book Conservators use modern technology as well as basics like glue and scissors to protect and preserve historic texts for future generations.

6. Literary Agent — The opposite of a Book Conservator, you’re always looking for the next big thing. You find, sign, and work with Authors to get their books out and marketed to the masses.

7. Writer — For some people, the best way to pay homage to books is to write one. Lay on the literary altar anything from nonfiction and fiction to novels and short stories to poetry and children’s books.

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