7 jobs for history majors

1. Educator
This is perhaps the most well-known career path for history majors. Whether you choose to become a High School Teacher or a college-level Professor, you can impart all of the knowledge that you learned to a new generation of students. This way, you get to stay very close to what you studied in school, and you can become more and more specialized in your chosen subject the higher the level of education you teach.

2. Researcher
Another route you can take is with a job as a Researcher. It’s a role you’ll take on often as a Teacher. But in this instance, you can do it almost exclusively. You can even go on to get a master’s degree—for example, in library science, and become a Research Librarian.

3. Archivist
You can also parlay your research into a job as an Archivist, preserving records and all forms of information. In this role, you can work for the government, a university, or a charity.

4. Museum Curator or Museum Director
Another option would be to work in a museum. There are many roles that you can fill in such an institution, such as that of Curator or even Museum Director. You’ll surround yourself on a daily basis with the artifacts and history you studied so closely in school.

5. Writer
You can delve even further into history by writing books or articles for journals as a professional Writer. You can take everything you know about your chosen topic in history, and write biographies, detailed accounts, and even historical fiction based on true events.

6. Screenwriter
Within the field of writing, you can take your talents to the medium of film as a Screenwriter. With your knowledge of historical events, you can weave fabulous tales of war, love, and friendship, all set in a bygone era.

7. Historical Consultant
But what if you don’t fancy yourself a talented Writer? Perhaps your love is for history alone, and ensuring its accuracy. Well, you can work as a Historical Consultant for documentaries, feature-length films, books, articles…the list goes on. Of course, this job is usually supplementary to another position, like that of an Educator. But the more you know about a subject, and the more you’re known to know of a subject, the more jobs will come around.

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