7 jobs for for sensitive people

If you consider yourself sensitive, then you’re probably particular about your work environment. Just because you prefer a quiet workplace with low activity and stress doesn’t mean you don’t have spectacular talent to display on the job. Here are a few examples of jobs that might fit your sensitive nature.

1) Librarian — If you have a passion for books and a knack for organization, consider working at a school, university, or public library. Assist patrons who are doing research or looking for the newest fiction book.

2) Psychologist — This is a great career for sensitive people. Showcase your patience and listening skills while helping people set and achieve personal goals, improve relationships, and make changes in their lives.

3) Special Education Teacher — This sensitive job is your opportunity to display your caring nature. Work with children or adults who have trouble learning in a typical classroom environment.

4) Dietitian — Use your knowledge of food, nutrition, and the human body to guide patients through dietary changes. Work in hospitals, nursing homes, or schools, where you can help improve the health of people through your expertise.

5) Playwright — If you love to see the dramatic, the absurd, or the comical come to life on stage, why not be the one to write it? Spend your days (or nights) penning new characters and storylines.

6) Translator — Do you speak another language? You could use that talent to work in business, on television, or in government offices. Translate what a guest speaker is saying for students at a school, interpret news reports from other countries, or even offer your skill to the President during foreign travels.

7) Analyst — This job is a sensitive career choice for the number lover. Gather and analyze large quantities of information, and condense it into usable chunks for the rest of us to use.

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