7 High-paying jobs for Artists

Got an artistic eye, ear, or hand? Check out these top-paying jobs.

1) Novelist — Take those stories out of your head and get them down on paper. If it’s a story worth telling, mix it with a bag of luck and a cup of knowledge about the publishing industry, and you have a perfect recipe for success.

2) Cartoonist — If drawing is your passion, why not use it to pay the bills? Offer your talents to an online cartoon site, create the political caricatures for your favorite magazine, or land a regular gig with a Sunday paper comic strip.

3) Ghostwriter — The explosion of the internet has opened thousands of doors to the Ghostwriter. Dabble in blogging, write content articles for expanding sites, or go “old school” by writing a celebrity autobiography.

4) Bicycle Designer — Want to combine your obsession with bikes with a creative flair? Earn a paycheck while you redesign the wheel…or the seat or the gears….

5) Fashion Show Producer — Do you have an eye for style? If you have a compulsion to touch fabrics, are drawn to the way a skirt falls around the knees, or go gaga over the newest handbag, then take that Artist eye to the Producer ’s level and be the Puppeteer for the entire fashion show.

6) Freelance Journalist — Everybody has a story to tell, and your job is to tell those stories. Set your own hours, pick your own assignments, flex your artistic muscles, and give the world a tale to read.

7) Foley Artist — Do you find yourself beatboxing with a comb in the morning, filling in sound effects while your friends tell stories, or focusing on the squeaking doors and crumpling papers during a movie? If so, consider using your ear for sound effects in a career as a Foley Artist.

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