7 Careers in computer animation for creative types

When you hear the word “animation,” you probably think of cartoons. While that definitely qualifies, the field actually encompasses all moving frames in advertising, television, or film. This is a fast-growing industry with strong potential.

Sound interesting? Check out the list below to give you some computer animation career ideas.

1) Animation Technical Director — This is the top-dog position on the production site. You keep up with the technology, competition, and trending news so that you and your team can create the most talked-about graphics in the industry.

2) Graphic Artist — Use your artistic flair and computer knowledge to choose colors, designs, and other aspects of the visual layout. Put your talents to work creating cartoons or boosting the appeal of advertising campaigns.

3) Video Game Designer — Write the code that makes the characters come to life. Make them respond to user commands and defeat the aliens with addicting reality.

4) Animation Lighting Artist — Create a shadow, brighten the scene for an early morning shot, or create darkness during suspenseful sequences.

5) Art Director — It’s your job to make sure everyone else does their job. Use your acutely creative style to supervise the lighting, animation, and story of video games, commercials, television shows, or movies.

6) Cartoon Animator — Daffy Duck and Mickey Mouse didn’t create themselves. Use your computer skills to bring characters to life.

7) 3D Artist — We go to the movie theater because it’s a much more intense experience than viewing on DVD at home. With your creative input, 2D movies become even more visual—viewers are pushed to the back of their seats and reach for objects in front of them.

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