7 Careers for shy people

Some people love the spotlight; they chat up Barista, work as Talk Show Hosts, and bond with Salespeople everywhere. This, however, is not you. If the idea of talking to someone makes you clam up and get knots in your stomach, check out these career options for shy people.

1. Forestry Technician — This is the perfect job for shy people because you literally spend your days miles away from others. Forestry Technicians work in the forest to protect and preserve the country’s woods and wildlife.

2. Writer — It doesn’t matter if your office is your home or a coffee shop, or if you’re working on a novel or a magazine article. Writers are pretty notorious for being silent observers of life. Maybe it’s because all that’s required for this job is a working pen or computer, and some time with your own thoughts.

3. Certified Public Accountant — At first, it might seem surprising that this is a career for shy people. But remember, you spend your days buried in spreadsheets and formulas. Tucked away in a cubicle (or, hopefully, a corner office), you make sure a company’s numbers add up.

4. Researcher — You can help cure diseases or find a new species of animal. The one constant in this job is that you’ll be tucked away in a lab, hidden behind a microscope.

5. Engineer — No matter the specialty (chemical, mechanical, electrical), Engineers are fairly well known for their ability to create rather than their skill with people.

6. Livestock Rancher — If people make you uncomfortable, the best thing to do is to simply avoid them. Livestock Ranchers spend their days with animals—raising, breeding, and caring for large creatures such as cows and horses.

7. Computer Programmer — If you’re more comfortable with programming languages than English, check out this job. Computer Programmers write code for software used in everything from games to online shopping.

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