7 Artistic jobs that pay well

Whether you have an eye for fashion, a compulsion to write, or a desire to create feature films, being an Artist doesn’t mean that you have to live on boxed macaroni and cheese. Check out these artistic careers that allow to you plan for retirement and still spend your days pursuing your passion.

1) Photographer — Live in the wilds of Africa in search of nearly extinct wildlife, create one-of-a-kind memories by photographing weddings, or travel with families and create a feature film that captures their vacation.

2) Art Director — Use your artistic eye to guide the visual details on a television or film set. Or, put that vision to use in publishing or advertising campaigns.

3) Film Director — It takes vision, industry knowledge, and an ability to use technology to capture the talked-about images that make it past the cutting room floor and into the theater.

4) Art Professor — You’ve got a passion. Painting, ceramics, drawing—whatever it is, spend your days sharing your knowledge and helping develop the skills of the next generation of Artists.

5) Talent Agent — This job allows you direct access behind the stage. Your ability to identify that certain something within an Actor keeps your artistic side happy while you track down Actors, set up and supervise auditions, and complete contracts.

6) Fashion Designer — Gather up those designs you’ve been doodling on cocktail napkins and notebooks. Whether you focus on the perfect bicycling shorts or the newest skirt design, your artistic vision is put to good use.

7) Architect — If you constantly pull over to admire the unique architecture of a building, then roll up your sleeves and start penciling out your own creations. Soon, it will be your vision taking shape on the construction site.

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