6 Magic Careers: Prepare to be amazed

Magic used to be considered a form of witchcraft and was one of the fastest ways to get yourself burned at the stake. But just as we now know that leeches are bad for the sick and bustles make everyone look chunky, attitudes about magic have changed. Today, there are a variety of jobs available for those hoping to spend their days making mind-bending illusions.

1. Clown — Terrifying for some, entertaining for others, guaranteed to make an impression at a party! You perform at shows, birthdays, and festivals doing comedy routines, creating balloon animals, and performing magic.

2. Magician – This is the first (and most obvious) job people think of when “magic” is mentioned. You work the same circuit as a Clown, pulling rabbits out of hats and making cards disappear everywhere from festivals to parties to your own show in Vegas.

3. Makeup Artist — Like a superhero, you have magical power, and that’s the power of transformation. You can change an average-looking girl into a Runway Model as a basic Makeup Artist, or turn an attractive Actor into a hideous monster as a Film Makeup Artist.

4. Theater Director — You’re an expert in illusions—particularly, the illusion that this job is easy. In the quest to transport theater audiences into the story on stage, you do it all: cast Actors, run rehearsals, create lighting cues, and generally make the production run smoothly.

5. Aerialist – “Twirling through the air with the greatest of ease” isn’t just a phrase; it’s your job description. You can make this happen by walking high above a crowd as a Tightrope Walker, catching hold of a bar as a Trapeze Artist, or twirling on ribbons suspended from the ceiling as an Aerial Silks Performer.

6. Stuntman — In one scene, the star falls from a burning building, and in the next, they’re up fighting without a scratch. Magic? Nope, just you. Stunt Performers do the dangerous stuff to give movies an authentic feel.

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