5 wine careers you'll love

picture of 5 wine careers you'll love

Usually when you stomp something with bare feet, add tiny organisms, and then let it go bad, you end up with a product that you don’t want to put in your mouth. Not so with wine. In fact, the longer you let wine age, the better it gets!

Those in the wine industry know that there’s more to wine creation than just stomping and waiting. Entire careers exist to find the perfect combination of grapes, time, and je ne sais quoi. If you’ve got a refined palate, in-depth knowledge of chemistry, and passion for taste, check out these five jobs for wine people.

1. Wine Sommelier:
The unofficial name for this role is “wine expert.” You work for a restaurant and know everything about its wines, picking the perfect pairings based on the customer’s taste, preference, budget, and desire.

2. Wine Writer: Writers are known for their drinking, but in this case, you have an excuse. You combine your way with words with an understanding of wine to create online and offline articles for various publications.

3. Wine Maker:
When it comes to wine, you’re the one who starts it all. You oversee and coordinate every step of the wine making process, from the picking of the fruit to the final bottling.

4. Wine Sales Representative:
This is a sales role, which means you do things like fostering client relationships and holding promotional events. In other words, you need to really know your stuff. In this case though, you’re lucky; your “stuff” is made up of things like how the pinot grigio tastes and what pairs best with the rosé. You connect wineries with their clients, doing the selling side of things so Wine Makers can concentrate on their craft.

5. Wine Buyer:
For restaurants, private collectors, and shops, you serve as a walking encyclopedia of wine. You know what the latest in wine is, and you work hard to pick the perfect wines to match an individual business’ personality.

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